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"WOW! Waht an easy way for my customers to get juice and find my podcast with no hassle! thanks guys!"
"Even for a non-commercial operation like The Sound of Young America, $25 is a totally worthwhile investment to make..."
"thanks guys, cool pice of code! :-)"
"We are looking forward to increased distribution of knowledge made possible by Juice with this excellent agregator...."
"Thanks for offering this great podcast receiver. We look forward to offering a custom download on our own site. How..."
"This is a great way to introduce our podcasts to our library patrons, simplify the subscription process, and become a..."
"We like the branded idea but as we add and remove sites we would like the ability to come in and make changes. Why..."
"This is a great podcast promotion tool. We plan to give out customized Juice cdroms to prospective listeners."
"Juice's branded receiver opens up a lot of possibilities for delivering media to our customers. It's an exciting..."
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